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Mats say a lot about a company's attention to small detail. They also say a lot about general cleanliness and a commitment to hygiene and safety.

McCallums have complimented their successful 1-solution workwear rental and cleaning model, by also providing workplace mats. In simple terms we also rent and commercially clean all manner of floor mats including: safety mats, rubber mats, entrance or welcome mats. We remove soiled mats and replace them with fresh ones – It’s that clean and simple.

Durability is a must, but comfort and safety are paramount also. To ensure longevity McCallums only rent high quality mats ideal for: food preparation, workshops, hospitality, wet areas and ramps. We offer an extensive range of colours, sizes, styles and materials.

Professional companies that are image and safety conscious turn to McCallums Group. When it comes to floor mats we've got you covered.

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