Workplace Rental - Overalls

There's no denying when staff know they're protected and safe at work, they stay focussed on the job at hand. With this in mind McCallums supply and rent overalls to several heavy-industries and large industrial manufacturers as well as trade services, light industry and food services. As a result no one understands better than McCallums the protection overalls need to provide in the work place environment.

Although we are specialist workwear suppliers and renters of waterproof, non-conductive, hi-vis and fire retardant overalls, we also provide an extensive range of general 100% cotton and polycotton blends, standard single colour, or colour combinations for sale or rent.

We custom fit, brand and personalise all overalls, ensuring your staff maintain a professional and clean look. And because overalls often take a real hammering, we repair and in cases replace all our rental garments at no extra charge. Whilst our full laundering and drycleaning programme is tailored to our client’s needs, we're also happy to professionally clean your existing workwear too.

McCallums offer a complete overall programme that keeps your staff safe, looking professional and working hard.

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