Environmental Sustainability

Ensuring minimal environmental impact through sustainable business practice has long been a focus and is monitored at every level across the entire McCallums Group; our primary goal is to become the industry leader in sustainability.

We will do so by adhering to the following principles:

  • Minimise wastage by rethinking all our business practices, reusing products, repairing and recycling materials and equipment
  • A commitment to continued improvement through research of new practices and feedback on current policy
  • Communication, education and training of full and part-time employees, promoting a wider understanding of the environment and implementation of the most efficient practices.

To meet our commitments we will:

  • Purchase environmentally friendly products, from like-minded local suppliers (where possible)
  • Make training and educational materials available to all employees
  • Create a framework for setting and then reviewing environmental targets
  • In consultation with EECA (Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority) ensure environmental sustainability and energy efficiency are front of mind for all future modifications and upgrades to our plant and equipment
  • Our recent factory re-fit has changed our primary fuel from fossil to Bio Mass (Woodchips) significantly reducing our impact on the environment – see case study pdf.
  • Constantly assess our energy needs and look at measures to conserve energy
  • Continue to use products that allow for a lower water temperature than traditional chemicals, this dramatically reduces our energy requirements. Our site is currently operating on only 7 litres of water per kg of product produced
  • Use of our wastewater to reduce our emissions and heat discharge from our chimney
  • Continue to have our ph. levels and discharge water temperatures well under council and environmental guidelines
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