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Workplace Rental - Workshirts/Trousers

In simple terms, different work environments require different workwear needs. In some cases, work shirts and trousers for men and women are better suited than overalls. The fact remains however that they still need to be durable and hard wearing, whilst looking professional.

McCallums offer a wide range of professional (yet stylish) short and long sleeved work shirts and trousers, work pants and shorts. All offer a number of smart features such as: underarm ventilation and double-knees to better handle wear and tear. All our garments come in a range of colour options and are specifically designed for many commercial, trade and service-based businesses where staff are either visible, or deal directly with the public.

To keep your workwear clean, tidy and looking professional, McCallums also provide a professional laundering programme; tailored to our client’s needs. With the workwear rental programme we also custom fit, brand and personalise. Full repairs and alteration are, as always provided at no extra charge for our rental garment customers.

Our work pants and shirts can also be purchased outright.

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